Facesitting is a sexually thrilling act that involves one partner sitting or lying on top of another partner’s face. The partner on top can then rub and grind their genital region against the face of their partner below. The person sitting on the other’s face may also simulate oral sex by thrusting their hips forward. Facesitting has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it allows partners to get creative with sexual positions that are both pleasurable and visually stimulating. Face-sitting can also be combined with BDSM activities, such as fingering, spanking, and bondage play. In order to perform facesitting safely, those involved should take care to use a pillow or another cushion beneath the partner on the bottom’s head for comfort and safety purposes. It is also important to make sure that no one struggles to breathe or experience pain during the activity: make sure airways remain unobstructed at all times and that all parts of either partner’s body remain within reach of consenting hands. Not only is facesitting an incredibly arousing act between two partners, but it can also be an incredibly satisfying solo endeavor for those who enjoy direct clitoral stimulation or masturbation. While some prefer a more active approach when performing facesitting alone (such as grinding against furniture or pillows), others might find lying still with their genitals hovering over a vibrator or dildo even more pleasurable. No matter how you like to engage in facesitting – whether solo or with a partner – it can provide an exciting way to explore new possibilities within your sex life and bring even more pleasure into your relationship