A massage is a great way to relax and enjoy an intimate sensual experience with your partner. From full body massages to more specific areas of your body, a good massage can be a great way to get closer and explore pleasure together. Massage can be used as foreplay, part of sex play, or as the main event. To start off with a massage, make sure you have everything you need: candles, lotion or oil, and a comfortable place to lay down. If it's your first time giving a massage then it's best to start with an area you know well. Popular areas include the neck, back and shoulders - but feel free to explore wherever feels good for you both. When preparing for the massage, make sure the area is warm enough and that the person is comfortable - use gentle strokes on all areas of their skin. Use plenty of lube or oil so that your hands glide easily over the skin without causing discomfort. Use slow movements and focus on making them feel relaxed - think about how good it feels when someone takes care of us in this way! It's important to talk with your partner about how they are feeling throughout the massage - if something does not feel right then stop immediately and move on to something else. The goal should always be for pleasure so communication is key! Once you've found a rhythm that works for both of you, be creative and add touches such as feathers or other textured objects - anything that stimulates their senses in new ways can be incredibly pleasurable. Experiment with different levels of pressure during this time too - some people enjoy strong strokes while others prefer gentler touch. The final step in giving an enjoyable massage is making sure both partners are satisfied at the end! Enjoy touching each other afterwards while expressing gratitude for each other's pleasure - this will help create lasting memories of your session together! Massage is an incredibly intimate experience that can enhance any relationship - take your time exploring different techniques and see where it takes you!