When it comes to turning up the heat and taking your sex life to the next level, nothing does the trick quite like public sex. Whether you’re doing it on the beach, in a car park, or even an alleyway, the thrill of risqué exhibitionism is unlike anything else. This is why so many couples are opting for outdoor action; freeing a partner from their inhibitions to explore a new world of sexual opportunities. For starters, don’t be afraid to start out small and work your way up. Kissing in public is often a great place to begin, as it can help to open up more daring possibilities later on down the line. Slowly build anticipation by playing with each other through subtle touches and glances — you’ll be surprised at how satisfying this can be! Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the idea of engaging in public displays of affection, it’s time to take things one step further and explore what really turns you on. If you feel like increasing your risk factor, why not opt for a spot that is slightly less exposed? That way nobody will be able to see what activities you are getting up to! Just remember that everybody has different comfort levels when it comes to public sex play — don't push someone too far outside their comfort zone if they're not ready for it yet. Alternatively, if you both have similar expectations from this experience then go all out! From body rubs and sensual oral activities (which are obviously not recommended in highly populated areas!), there are plenty of fun activities that can be performed while engaged in public play — so use your imagination! As long as you stay safe and keep an eye out for potential onlookers then there's nothing stopping you from experimenting with different positions and techniques. Just make sure that whatever brings pleasure between the two of you remains between the two of you; discretion is key when indulging in public acts — after all, no-one needs an audience who aren't part of the fun!